Things You Shouldn’t Apologize For Being Strong And Fierce

Things You Shouldn’t Apologize For Being Strong And Fierce
Saying no. You don’t have to say yes to hookups, dates, relationships, degrading salaries, fake friends, activities you don’t feel like doing. You do you and don’t worry about anything else. We are far too pressured to say yes, anyway. Say yes to something if it really makes your eyes glint.

Taking control. You are fierce. Active. Dynamic. Don’t be afraid to grab the reins yourself and become the team leader. The mover and the shaker. The go-to person. Build your empire. Don’t stand in the corner when you know you can do it. Speak up and take the initiative if you want something because being silent and waiting for someone to notice you is you hardly ever going to happen. 

Putting yourself first. Doing it 100 percent of the time is selfish. Dead on. But sometimes you have to step up for yourself. If you want to do something or go somewhere, do it. You cannot adjust yourself according to your friends’ news. Or your partner’s. Communicate your wants and needs. And sometimes, when you yourself need some rest and you don't have the mental capacity to deal with the world’s problems, you are allowed to put yourself first. You are allowed to not spread yourself to thin. 

Speaking up your mind.Communicating your thoughts, your desires, and your needs is a mature thing to do. Why beat around the bush? As mature people, we should be able to get what we want through honest communication, not backstabbing and doublecrossing. Speak up when something is not right too. It’s those that hide in the shadows that do the backstabbing. Honesty and real-time communication show transparence. Maturity. 

Not being satisfied with less. While you should be satisfied with what you have already and where you are at the moment, it’s perfectly fine to have plans for growth. It’s perfectly fine wanting to afford more things for yourself and your family. If anything, it shows how much you appreciate yourself. It means you don’t stifle your potential. 

Planning and setting up your own milestones. If no one else takes over, then no one has the right to reproach about the way you did something or the things you planned and how you planned them. You have the right to plan your evening, your day, or vacation, your life, and if the people around you don’t like your plans, they can make their own. Follow your vision. 

Wanting to experience freedom. Conforming to the norms of society is not a trait of the strong. If a relationship is suffocating you, let go. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be in touch with yourself, to reconnect, to refresh. There is nothing wrong with being bold enough to explore without worrying what’s coming next and there is nothing wrong with being single instead of being in a relationship just for the sake of being in one or hanging out with people that aren't exactly your cup of tea just because you are bored. There is strength in freedom and freedom in strength.  Embrace it.