Business Telephony Solutions and Their Benefits

Business Telephony Solutions and Their Benefits

These days, the focus is on business telecommunications solutions which can deliver improved business outcomes at lower operational costs. The key is to identify the specific business problem and then find an answer by using cost-effective and customer-centric approach.

Among all the customer-driven business telephony solutions there are two broad types of products - those who are converged and those that are enterprise.

Converged Features

As the term suggests converged business telephony solutions are the ones which provide converged features. One of these features include - coordinated communications, simple configuration, single communication cost, better understand, easy integration with other systems, easy application deployment, enhanced productivity, better call forwarding, auto attendant, virtual variety, automatic redial, call control, conference calling etc. Since most of the converged systems will provide all these features at much cheaper costs than an individual phone system, it is reasonable to purchase such a converged system rather than the stand alone solution. This also lets you use a single phone number for managing both company calls and domestic calls. And in case some technical issues arise, there is always a way to check online resource for some help.

Enterprise Solution

On the other hand an enterprise solution is one that provides converged features in addition to many additional benefits. The most normal landline telephone system would include features like - directory assistance, call forwarding, voice mail to email, fax to email, call waiting, call forwarding, voicemail, etc. This landline phone system does not allow a client to incorporate any other phone system, softwares or applications. It is typically more costly than the normal business telephony solutions and has to be customized to satisfy with the organization's requirements. It is used mainly by companies who need advanced features and powerful applications that a regular phone system simply cannot provide. A good example for this would be the legal office, accounting and law firms, and educational organizations.

In addition to cost effectiveness, another reason for choosing hosted company telephony solutions is due to the quality of support. Users can enjoy a unified communications platform that could be operated by trained professionals.

Bottom Line

This information can help in making important decisions for the business thereby improving employee engagement and productivity.