10 Mistakes to Avoid in College Essay

10 Mistakes to Avoid in College Essay

When you become a part of the higher educational institution, it all turns different. Forget about simple reflective and descriptive papers you used to write at school. It is not a capstone project yet, but college level essay also demands learning new writing styles and improving English.

It is more important to avoid any grammar or punctuation mistake when studying at college or university. Professors here are stricter than school teachers. They point to every smallest mistake when explaining the reason for low grade. However, if you learn how to write college admission essay and use proper example from the web, your chances to succeed are rather high.

Common Mistake List to Avoid

Read the list of the most common errors students make in their college level essay. Hopefully, each example will help you to write better pieces.

To begin with, you need to write down all possible topic names in the shape of bullet point list to pick the best example for your further essay. Every word matters when you work on the best title. Collect all your ideas and choose the better one. To do so, read relevant samples of admission essay or download article from the Internet.

Use all your skills and knowledge to develop impressive first sentence and entire introduction for your personal application essay. Once you point to the main idea, recall your strengths and perhaps some weaknesses too. Describe what makes you special, but first introduce your target university and why you are writing this admission essay.

Wrong topic or idea may look like you have stolen one’s example instead of being original and independent. It is a common mistake to propose boring topic name or idea only because it sounds grammatically correct. You do not necessarily have to write only old-fashioned words in every sentence, especially in your title. Avoid vapid topics name for your admission essay.

Any admission package must include personal statement, cover letter, documents, example of your writing, and certificates (if any). You have to learn how to use your time in order to avoid a common mistake associated with late or incomplete papers.

Read and use a good application essay example to work faster. Watch your deadlines! Start the process ahead to write accurately sentence-by-sentence. You will also need time to proofread and edit final draft to exclude every mistake.

Besides, there may be a school event you don’t want to avoid, so use specifically developed time schedule and follow your plan. An effective way is to start brainstorming and write first example. Avoid postponing admission essay and supportive tasks to the last day.

Try to keep all electronic devices like smartphone or laptop off when you write your short essay. The only example of media you may use is TV with news on it as you can include an interesting idea related to your personal experience.

Also, you may read and use tips from any useful article for student. It’s a mistake to retrieve ideas from unapproved sources. A student has to leave his communication to better days and point to the importance of application essay.

  1. Troubles with Selecting Your Topic
  2. Habit to complete all admission elements in one day
  3. Desire to use distractive devices while writing

Word Use and Other Rules of Good Essay

When you write college admission essay, it is crucial to avoid a mistake known as a large word count. It is a mistake to include more than 500-600 words in your application paper. Don’t try to cover every topic, example, and experience from your life. Point to the main idea clearly in each sentence – use university requirements as a support.

Another way is to read and use previously written example done by the student of this institution. Don’t use large paragraph with too much information. For instance, you may want to exclude your hobbies if they have nothing to do with your statement.

Paragraph structure and general format of your college admission essay matters. You may write every sentence in a chaotic way, but it won’t make sense. Just as any other written example, personal statement has to include introduction with a clear main idea, 2-3 body paragraphs, and conclusion where you tell some good reasons why you are the best student for Princeton, Yale, or whatever. Avoid illogical structure. It’s a mistake to jump from one topic to another or ask rhetorical questions in the middle of paragraph.

Along with the correct order, read about grammar and punctuation requirements. Write down only checked sentence. We will point to the fact that you are a high school graduate who has no right to make a silly mistake like typo. Edit your essay with the help of online academic service.

One innocent mistake you should avoid being an applicant is composing essay as a child. You are not a school student anymore, so try to use solid example and professional language when you write.

Find and read example of resume completed by professional healthcare administrator or accountant depending on your field. Include professional word or phrase in every second sentence. Point to the fact that you have a solid experience.

Try not to include and use intimate fact in your essay. Write about your academic and professional experience only. Use first person, but avoid doing it too frequently.

Read a good example of college admission essay to get the point. No one is interested in your relations with your boyfriends/girlfriend or childish illnesses. You are here not to shock, but write and win fairly.

When you write a personal statement, you have to be confident. But don’t lie about things you don’t really know – read and use example if you wish to include something new to you in your essay. Avoid a mistake known as simply praising yourself to the skies.

Remember to point to the main idea in each paragraph. Use statement or fact from the first sentence to remind why you write this application. Personal experience is great, but it’s not the same as to tell the entire life story.

No person can write your admission essay better than you or professional academic service. These people can build clear sentence or help to recall your experience, but they cannot make the best example as they are not professional writers or educators. It is better to read and use an example from an expert and try to use it as the sample for future essay. Avoid this mistake if you want to learn effective writing example instead of ordinary one.

  1. Putting everything in one basket
  2. Problems with execution
  3. Sound like a student
  4. Too personal
  5. Use all student confidence
  6. Falling off-topic
  7. Use assistance from parents or peers