11 Tips on How to Survive Your First Year of College

11 Tips on How to Survive Your First Year of College

Your first year at school can be compared to your first year in college. Yet, these two phenomena are very different. The freshman is, perhaps, the most complicated role each of us used to play in their entire life. Except for difficult classes, you’ll have to adapt to independent financial living, first relations, and strict policies.

This guide might not be the best manual for every freshman during his first academic year. Still, most of these tips were tested by millions of students across the world. Probably, you are not to get a honorarry degree, so, just try to make your first year in college or university less stressful and unexpected.

#1. Get to know who’s watching you

Your tutors are the main leverage of your success for every year spent in college. As soon as you manage to build friendly relations with them, you’ll succeed with many subjects. It is not enough for a freshman to attend all classes. Of course, attendance means credits. However, the participation of a freshman should also be great: you need to install an eye-contact with your tutors. Unlike at high school, freshman will meet many different teachers in college. Basically, each discipline is run by a unique person. Thus, it might be hard to recall all the names. So, we recommend writing them down somewhere. This way you won’t get into trouble.

If you can’t cope with all professors, pick those who have the most common interests. You may get along well with a female professor who is studying >gender equality in case you are a young and free woman. You can even make friends with those professors who love the same movies or like to spend time with their friends and beer after classes. C’mon, freshman, college is a time for new experiments!

#2. Leave your dorm room

Forget about living with your family. Don’t recall cozy nights in front of your TV or favorite PC games. But it does not mean that life on campus is boring. Vice versa, if you put your mask off, you'll find it fun to spend hours with your roommates or peers. Your first year should be dedicated to learning your college culture. It is an important factor of your influential role.

#3. Get along with your hall mates often

Freshman should show a pure interest in any issue in trend. Don’t be afraid to share your hobbies even if they seem too childish (i.e., your passion for anime). You’re not at high school any longer – feel free to be yourself! No one will blame you for your interests. Instead, other students can make laugh of you as of a freshman who does not have his own thoughts. So, the first year should be obedient and rebel at the same time. Keep the balance.

#4. Stay connected with your family

Even if you're the most successful freshman ever, there is still a chance that something would go wrong. Thus, do not forget about the support of your family. These people won’t ever make laugh of you. Each freshman misses his or her parents, and that’s OK. You might be scared, so don’t hesitate to call your parents. During the first year in college, you might also need a stable financial support, so don’t be shy to ask your parents for some cash. After all, it is almost impossible to find a good job during your first educational year.

#5. Use online help

Online writing essay services are ready to assist you with your writing process. Expect much more homework assignments than you used to have at school. Besides, you will find that essays have become more complicated. You will be assigned various tricky projects. A freshman needs to change his mind and read all new rules of the game to succeed with his college scores. You may check out different articles to get acquainted with academic writing standards and styles like:

  • MLA
  • APA
  • Chicago
  • Harvard

#6. Be organized

Stick to your schedule. It is the first step to the excellent time management. Any freshman has a lot of tasks to do during the first year in college. You may simply get lost in the ocean of responsibilities without an accurate schedule to follow. The most important thing is to put down your homework assignments and projects. It will prevent you from missing your deadlines.

#7. Discover a perfect place for your study

Our brain works depending on the environment. So, the mood of the freshman is not the only factor. You might be surprised, but every second freshman prefers library as the ideal location for education during the first academic year. After all those parties, you’ll definitely wish a quite place to get with your thoughts. Don’t forget to toss away all distractive factors like mobile phones while working on the college projects.

#8. Take part in campus activities

There are a lot of things every freshman should try during the first year in college:

  • Community life
  • Event organization
  • Sports
  • Internship
  • Volunteering programs
  • Part-time job (you can even get a well-paid one as a freshman)
  • Surveys
  • Contests

In other words, if you are a member of any organization/club/sorority/fraternity, you are not called a nerd or loser anymore. These social activities only play in your hand.

#9. Don’t multi-task and avoid cramming

Remember, freshman: life is more than one long test. Try to actually LEARN and KNOW the study material. The first year in college is the perfect period when you can memory.

Everything you’ll need for your further successful education and career. It was proved that student who makes an attempt at the beginning of year 1 takes it easier later.

We have already mentioned the importance of a schedule. It will help you to handle multi-tasking. The main reason for multi-tasking is postponing. You won’t get into this common freshman trap if you have a clear schedule on hands.

#10. It’s never too late to change your mind!

If you hesitate about your further education and career, the first year in college is your last chance to change your mind. There is no such thing as “reserved” in this field – freshman can always try to apply for another university.

#11. Grab every piece of experience

Do not deny any offers related to your dream and future career. Every freshman can obtain a valuable experience working as an assistant in a solid company. During your first academic year, get some advice from your professors that will prevent you from being tricked. Colleges usually cooperate with legal entities, so it’s a perfect opportunity to test your skills and knowledge.

So far, the only thing left is to create your application letter and CV for admissions process if you’re not a freshman yet. Don’t treat your first year in college as a nightmare. After all, you can count on efficient online writing help whenever the assignment seems too complicated.

Hopefully, these tips will help each freshman to survive his first year in college or university.