Use These Magic Words to Get Into Harvard

Use These Magic Words to Get Into Harvard

Why is it so complicated to get into prestigious college, especially when talking about Harvard? In fact, it’s not that difficult. The problem is that teens cannot really believe in themselves. They do not invest enough efforts in their application essays. Besides, they ignore some of the elementary rules of admission success. Psychologists claim that sometimes just a couple of words can change the whole picture. And we’ll try to figure out what exactly the admission board is expecting from you.

The biggest problem is that Harvard acceptance rate drops from year to year. Now, the application essay has to be not just good but the best out of the best. Students have to invest twice more in that admission essay to win the place. Unfortunately, only 5.3% of all applicants are accepted to study within Harvard walls today. But don’t panic yet – this sad statistics may overcome you.

Times Are Changing

Unlike previous years, the college admission board are looking for something more than a full set of impressive skills, extracurricular, high GPA, and charisma. A stellar essay for Harvard is something one should be ready to offer if he has a strong desire to continue his education in the elite institution instead of starting his work as a waiter in a cheap restaurant.

Yeah, one more thing: it is hard to survive without higher educational institution nowadays. Don’t listen to those who did not manage to study in the university, and now are telling you the myths about how unimportant higher education is.

One way to realize what exactly Harvard and similar universities want from you is to download samples of winning applications. From one side, the college is not allowed to post the submitted essay elsewhere, but sometimes students do it on their own will to help next generations. You may find examples of winning application essays on various writing plugins.

You are encouraged to start your research while you are still a high school student. Start your observations at least one year before the graduation. Then, you’ll have enough time to prepare. It’s amazing how such a small assignment like admission essay for Harvard can take such a long road.

Revealed Essay Secret Number One: It’s All in Your Parents

To specify, it really matters how you call your parents in Harvard entrance essay. It is better to show respect and name your parents “father” and “mother” respectively instead of using less polite or respected ways. Even if your parents are monsters or left you, you still have to show your politeness to Harvard committee. It does not mean, however, that you cannot recall a sad story from your uprising in your admission essay. But don’t complain too much: Admission officers are not your psychologists.

Harvard Supports Downer Essay

On the whole, the quantity of negative words on the successful Harvard application essays dominates. Negative words do not mean some filthy language or slang words. It rather refers to such phrases as “cancer,” “illness,” “tough,” etc. Right, Harvard’s committee loves hearing stories about your heroism. If you don’t have one to share in your essay, then you’d better come up with something else. Don’t lie as Harvard personnel will identify it very soon.

It was proved that Harvard officers expect to read about some challenges that students have coped with instead of reading about lucky childhood and happy moments. Also, you should avoid questions – it’s better to provide answers only.

Help Your Community

When you help the community, you help yourself in the eyes of Harvard admission board. They love students who used to invest a lot in some social movements or activities. Every time you mention such words as "experience," "society," "volunteering" in your entrance essay, the chances to impress Harvard staff goes up.

Experience vs. Failure

Harvard staff likes to read about hard times. You may combine the description of your positive experience with the serious failure when writing an essay for university selection process. You may also write how important a particular experience was in solving various life and academic problems.

Do you need a final tip? Well, if you have a strong desire to spend another academic year in Harvard, you should read a lot of articles like this to reveal all features of successful admission essays. Even if your grades are pretty low, you should not forget about your potential – just release it on the paper. Another way is to hire professional admission essay writers from the corresponding service and solve all your problems with one click of your mouse!