Why Starting A Blog Can Make You A Better Writer

Why Starting A Blog Can Make You A Better Writer

Many of us begin writing during our schooling years to help us understand the fundamentals of communication and later to work through the various subject matter. Writing also assists in expanding your knowlege base, your vocabulary and the way your brain starts to absorb content.

The trouble with essays can be that the topic itself does not appeal to you, or it's not in your area of expertise. You're often writing essays for a range of subjects at school or classes you've signed up for in university and have not yet decided on a focus discipline that you are genuinely passionate about and want to pursue.

When you're writing an essay about something you're either not an expert in or passionate about, it can be tough to grasp the concepts, structure your research and arguments and come up with a conclusion.

So how can one improve their content and essay writing skills in a low-pressure environment where one can feel free to express yourself and even learn as one go? Through blogging, of course.

Why start blogging?

Over 1 billion blogs live across the internet. While vlogging and social media have become dominant in mainstream media, blogging is still a possible use of your time and the internet. Plenty of bloggers worldwide create new articles each day, sharing their learnings, their questions, their experiences and more, and this practice comes with several benefits.

You'll develop a habit of writing regularly

Blog posts tend to be short and can be online as soon as you've written them don't need much research and can even draw from your experiences; it all depends on what you would like to write about on that day. Blogging doesn't have to follow any format and lets you have total creative freedom. You can chop and change it every day until you find something that works for you.

Blogging is a continuous process, and it's much easier to write daily on your blog than to keep plugging away on stories and articles that might not be published for months, if at all.

Receive instant feedback lets you know how you're doing

If you are writing purely for yourself, you don't need feedback; since you can make your blog private, it can be a space for your thoughts and only leave you to evaluate it. However, if you're keen on getting feedback, blogging publicly is a great way to attract readers and new ideas. 

As soon as your piece is live, readers will start adding their comments, emailing you, or even linking to it from their blogs. These feedback loops will let you know when your writing is good because you'll get positive or negative responses.

Your writing will improve

The best way to get better at anything is to practice. Writing frequently for your blog means your writing will improve – both as you react to feedback and as you learn how to craft effective sentences and choose perfect words. Blogging also allows you to actively track your progress as you can review old articles in terms of the writing style or other metrics like views and engagement. 

Where can I start blogging?

You could use a site like medium or other blogging platforms where all the technology has been set up for you, and all you have to do is create the content. Alternatively, you could set up your blog site with WordPress or one of the other popular CMS's which will take a few days of getting used to and may require some setup costs.

Blogging opens up more avenues

Blogging will then give you the confidence to tackle any essay as you've now compounded days of writing and built up experience, enthusiasm and a new skill that has sharpened over time. 
Once you get comfortable with blogging and attracting traffic, you can even monetise your blog in various methods and turn it into a side hustle or a business of its very own. Don't see blogging as just a hobby or a way to improve your writing. Depending on the growth and success of your blog, it can become so much more.