Narrative Essay - Top Best Topics & Writing Tips

Narrative Essay - Top Best Topics & Writing Tips
Table of Contents
  1. Narrative Essay - Top Best Topics & Writing Tips
  2. Narrative Essay Writing Tips
  3. Narrative Essay Example Topics: 6 Most Popular Categories
  4. Childhood
  5. School Age
  6. Private Relations and Interests in Writings
  7. College Years
  8. Additional Narrative Essay Topics 2018
  9. 4 Steps that Will Help to Craft a Great Narrative Essay

Narrative essay is the best way to describe memorable life events or point out something special. All you need is to write an intriguing story about your favorite person or the unforgettable day of your life in details. Every narrator is expected to share his/her unique personal experience having chosen one of the most interesting narrative essay ideas. In this guide, we will help you find the best topic for your paper and assist you in covering it in full.

In order to craft a good narrative essay, you need to devote enough time to the selection of the right topic as well as on its research. There are a large number of topics for narrative essays. Students may choose a perfect topic from the list of outstanding essay narrative topics mentioned in the article. However, if you have no one to guide you on the matter, there is still an alternative solution - you can always contact professional services and get qualified help.

Narrative Essay Writing Tips

Modern readers like stories based on personal experience. Both positive and negative events are important to outline.

Numerous good compositions are built on original stories that took place in the writer’s life or the life of his/her siblings. Point out information about outstanding events and people who you care about, do research to add significance to what you are writing. The smart selection of ideas for narrative essays allows one to prepare an impressive written paper, which will impress readers and college tutors. There can be hundreds of tips of an A+ narrative essay writing, but a poorly selected topic with no research can spoil the general impression of the paper. That is why it is so important to pick a theme that is interesting to both you and your audience.

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Every moment you describe in a story welcomes readers to have a small trip through your best memories. You are free to imagine and create novels. Have a view at the good examples of narrative essay topics and use them for the description of your personal memorable journeys, meeting with friends & spouses, family stories or another interesting event you will never forget.

Feel free to write about anything. There are absolutely no restrictions to a plot and story to be covered in your writing. Let the words flow, and you will create a fascinating story! Follow your particular desire to picture out feelings you have experienced, life events that happened to you, and good memories. You may find many good topics for a narrative essay piece of writing on the Internet to outline important occasions, situations, things you care a lot about. Use them as guide tips and research examples you can potentially implement in your description writing or address the task to our service.

Good essays do not include bad topics. It is your job to choose an exceptional narrative essay topic that will make the best impression on those who will read your piece of writing. Good topics for narrative writing make a long-lasting impression.

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Narrative Essay Example Topics: 6 Most Popular Categories

Talented writers and novelists prefer dividing narrative essay topics into the following groups due to certain categories making it much easier to find the best essay theme for you. Our service has gathered them; view them below:



  1. Memorable fantasizing birthday parties and celebration
  2. Preferred games (outdoor & indoor), online activity in childhood
  3. People who were your personal idol or cult-hero
  4. Interesting people you have met in childhood
  5. The first injures you got on a playground or playing with friends
  6. Attitude towards your parents in childhood
  7. Favorite fairytale and characters
  8. Things you miss a lot from the time you were a kid
  9. Favorite cartoon character or comics superhero
  10. Tell about a problematic or frightening childhood event
  11. Write about the worst fear you had being a kid
  12. What was your dream?
  13. Write about your favorite toy you slept with
  14. Did you have pets?
  15. The adult you were afraid of being a child

Tell in details about childhood memories. This subject is worth outlining! Of course, you can use our service for that purpose.

School Age

  1. Your favorite school lesson, science sphere, and goings-on
  2. The best friend you met at school or at school age
  3. Conflicts you were a part of or faced at school age
  4. A private vision of massive school events or gatherings
  5. Favorite teacher or another department worker
  6. The day you have chosen your future study direction
  7. Problems and difficulties that occurred at school
  8. Importance of school education for adults
  9. Study subjects which you lost interest in and explain why
  10. Memorable short or long trips with schoolmates
  11. Which profession did you like the most being at school?
  12. Did you enjoy studies or hated to do your homework?
  13. How important is it to study well at school?
  14. Tell about a teacher who contributed to your personality
  15. What did you like and dislike about your school?

Adults call school years the best period of life, the time we gain important skills and knowledge. You will remember this period for long. An interesting fact is that most schoolchildren don’t consider their school-age the best period of time having a wish to become adults as soon as possible. Being an adult, almost every person thinks of school years as about the best time in life.


Private Relations and Interests in Writings

Students adore sharing personal views about the importance of relations and love affairs. These themes allow writers describing their emotions and feelings. The collection of the most interesting topic ideas on relationships & associations are at your service below.

  1. People you care and want to be with
  2. Memorable meeting or a romantic date
  3. Real love vs. long-lasting friendship
  4. How many years real love can last
  5. Difference between rejection and mutual feelings
  6. The first love experience and its consequences for adults
  7. Quarrels with your parents and their reasons
  8. Tell what personal traits you search in people
  9. How many years a real friendship lasts
  10. Tell about trustworthy and loyal friends
  11. Do you agree that love lives for 3 years?
  12. Will you always remember your first love?
  13. What did you like in the person you fell in love with for the first time?
  14. Do you believe in everlasting love?
  15. Have you ever fell in love with celebrities you saw on TV?
  16. The average salary for the living

Writing about your friends & spouses is a great idea. People you care about the most need to be a part of your top-quality creative project or important academic assignment. These people are the best you have.


Hobbies are a proper theme for narrative essays. Students adore describing their own interests, numerous activities, individual hobbies, talents, exceptional skills.

College Years

  1. The first day to visit a college/university
  2. Experience of living in a student dorm
  3. The last book you have read
  4. Personal skills obtained living in a dorm
  5. The worst exam or writing assignment at college
  6. Common problems students have
  7. Importance of university education
  8. The tutor who taught you the most useful things
  9. Relations with group & roommates
  10. Why having friends at college means finding real friends
  11. A memorable day at college or university
  12. Did studies help you to become what you are now?
  13. What would you like to change in the today’s educational system?
  14. Describe the ideal educational establishment
  15. Were you the teacher’s pet?
  16. Did you take efforts to stand out from your class?

Years spent at college and related experience are a great period. It is a time of real freedom, youthful exuberance, first experiences, and unbelievable situations, wrong deeds, lost hopes. Nothing can compare to this period of time. Does it seem to you that nothing interesting happened to you? You are mistaken. Every student has much to tell about. Share your unique college/university experience in your narrative essay!

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Additional Narrative Essay Topics 2018

Many original narrative essay themes cannot be found even in popular The New York Times and BBC journals. They require good imagination with the strong desire to create. Imagined things, hopes, dreams remain wonderful essay topics.


4 Steps that Will Help to Craft a Great Narrative Essay

Without dreams and hopes, people lose their desire to live and start abandoning own plans. Hope makes people care about tomorrow; it is their service. Assure that you know which language means to use for making your content an exclusive narrative essay. Every written paragraph is your chance to show your peculiar experience, attitude towards important things.

Another thing to pay attention to is the text structure, no matter if if you are writing a book or an essay. Apart from focusing on a paper plot, it is extremely important to cover all the significant parts of the paper: introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction is the opening part of your paper; it should give some background information to the reader and show the significance of your work.

Share your hopes with other people. The following steps taken in the right turn will allow you performing incredible narrative papers:

  • Proper topic/title selection
  • Audience & key readers’ analysis
  • Planning and time scheduling
  • Sticking to the basic paper structure - with intro, body, and conclusion
  • Complex writing process with requested reviews, editing & proofreading, analysis of personal attitude, experience

World famous writers prefer these simple steps. They adore the idea of sharing with other people private experience, memories, and extreme feelings to help them to deal with the same or familiar situations. A university academic assignment may impress tutors with familiar openness and frankness. Narratives are aimed at telling simply about yourself. Use them to show the world how great, unexpected, dangerous, exciting life can be and why it is worth living it on full!

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