How to Write a Persuasive Essay: Learn the Ways to Convince People of Your Truth

How to Write a Persuasive Essay: Learn the Ways to Convince People of Your Truth
Table of Contents
  1. How to Write a Persuasive Essay: Learn the Ways to Convince People of Your Truth
  2. What is Persuasive Essay?
  3. How to Write a Persuasive Essay: Basic Information
  4. Persuasive Essay Outline
  5. Persuasive Essay Introduction
  6. Persuasive Essay Thesis
  7. Expert Opinion:
  8. Persuasive Essay Body Paragraph
  9. Persuasive Essay Conclusion
  10. 30 Brilliant Persuasive Essay Topics
  11. Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics
  12. College Persuasive Essay Topics
  13. Persuasive Essay Topics for High School
  14. Sports Persuasive Essay Topics
  15. Persuasive Essay Topics about Animals
  16. Science Persuasive Essay Topics
  17. Where Can I Find Persuasive Essay Examples?

“Students should not be allowed to bring mobile phones to class as the recent studies show that 86% of those students who take their devices with them play games and message each other instead of focusing on the studies.”

You may agree or disagree, but statistics prove a lot. It is an example of the argumentative paper thesis statement. What, don’t you know how to write a persuasive essay? Go through an article written by the expert college professors to discover the structure of this assignment along with the possible topic ideas.

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What is Persuasive Essay?

Without identifying the assignment, a student will not succeed. What is a persuasive essay? It is a type of academic or legal paper that demonstrates the particular point of view and proves it is more valid than other existing opinions. The main purpose is to encourage the reader to accept the author’s point. Experts name 2 basic elements of the successful writing of this type:

  1. Sound logic
  2. Factual evidence

The last one is the material a student gather during the research process from the primary & secondary sources such as books, newspapers, scholarly articles, videos, websites, etc.

How to Write a Persuasive Essay: Basic Information

Before choosing the topics, explore the problem under the loop by memorizing the main rules of a powerful argumentative writing.

  1. Take a stance. Explain personal opinion on the problem, the preferred side, the prejudices the author may possess to support the argument, and a potential solution to the problem.
  2. Define the target audience. Decide whether the readers should accept your opinion or refuse to agree with the author’s point of view – understanding both sides of the coin is the clue. Do not ignore the opponent!
  3. Conduct thorough research in the college library/on the web. One of the main purposes of debatable writing is to present broad and compelling evidence collected from the relevant, credible, and up-to-date sources. Without it, the author’s words cost nothing.
  4. Support the main argument (thesis). It is necessary to apply strict facts plus statistics, which a writer can obtain via research, investigations, personal experience, and experience of field experts. To avoid plagiarism, students should cite and references all sources according to the academic writing standards established by their school.
  5. Mind the structure of final paper – learn more in the next section dedicated to the outline.

Persuasive Essay Outline

Arrange the evidence to build the most powerful argument in the essay outline. 5-6 paragraphs will be enough to express the author’s opinion in debatable writing. Pay attention to the teacher’s specific requirements -  such type of assignment involves an extra paragraph to describe the opposing arguments and prove the author’s objectivity. An example of an outline is in the following section.

Persuasive Essay Introduction

The introduction is the opening paragraph of any academic paper. Include the following:

  • Attract the reading audience with the help of effective hook sentence at the beginning
  • Provide the audience with the brief overview
  • End up introduction with a strong thesis statement to stress personal position

Persuasive Essay Thesis

Before working on the thesis statement, which represents the main argument of the entire text, sits down to realize if you have a clear understanding of the topic and enough evidence to prove the chosen position. Think about whether the audience will accept the position or stick to its own vision.

Expert Opinion:

“Avoid making broad thesis statements such as “Remote education is better than traditional learning” – come up with something like “76% of students from the college ABC tried remote learning last term, and 61% of them succeeded compared to those who continued attending a physical institution.” Check whether it is possible to determine “why” and “how” based on a thesis statement.”

Alyssa Schmidt, English & German copywriter and academic editor at EssayClick.Net

More recommendations are available at this website.

Persuasive Essay Body Paragraph

Do not make more than 6 body paragraphs. If many points exist, try to choose the most important details. What the author should mind is:

  • Every paragraph in this part must concentrate on a certain piece of evidence
  • The author should add a meaningful supporting fact in every new paragraph
  • Opposing position section: Dedicate minimum a single paragraph to the position of the opponents to prove that your judgments are objective

Persuasive Essay Conclusion

Do not underestimate the importance of conclusion! The writer must reword the thesis statement & reinforce it and prepare a clear summary of the evidence used to support various arguments. The last sentence could be a powerful rhetorical question or some forecasts for the future.

30 Brilliant Persuasive Essay Topics

Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. The US population must complete minimum a year of community service
  2. Illegal immigrants must have a right to get driving license
  3. The government should punish citizens who try to download music & video files for free
  4. People must start receiving licenses to become parents
  5. Manufacturers must label unhealthy food with the warning tables

College Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. They should lower the voting age to 15
  2. It is necessary to reform most of the immigration laws to make them fair
  3. American cities must have free public Wi-Fi
  4. Students must have a right to take meals during the class time
  5. Educational institutions with low scores on standardized tests have no right to exist

Persuasive Essay Topics for High School

  1. Can female sports players join males in some team games?
  2. Should children with disabilities be placed in separate classes?
  3. Is it important to isolate infected students?
  4. There is no way to allow music with filthy language at school dances
  5. Sexual education is not necessary for high school

Sports Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Sports role in social institutions
  2. Physical education is one of the most underestimated subjects
  3. No type of sport has a negative impact on human health
  4. The influence of politics on sports is highly negative
  5. Global revenue of sports proves it is a good choice of profession

Persuasive Essay Topics about Animals

  1. People should stop selling rare wild animals as pets
  2. Deer hunting is illegal
  3. They should forbid animal cruelty
  4. Veterinary care should be cheaper
  5. Water pollution is threatening to aquatic life

Science Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Identity chips are the best way to store personal data
  2. The role of robotics in human life
  3. Mobile phones are not safe to use
  4. The impact of genetically modified food on human organism
  5. The genetic testing on humans is worse than doing it on animals

Where Can I Find Persuasive Essay Examples?

It is not the complete list of debatable topics. A student may offer unique personal ideas. Think about what people are recently discussing. Another good idea is to have a look at the free online samples to discover more about the structure and formatting of such academic assignments.

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