How to Improve SAT Test Score in 10 Simple Ways

How to Improve SAT Test Score in 10 Simple Ways

Why does your SAT score matter? Well, if you realize the importance of SAT and the answers to these two questions, you will find our article useful.

Good English exam results are your tickets to any college or university. It looks like a brief 600-800 word paper where students have to present their skills and knowledge. The main challenge is that each applicant is limited in time. A total of 50 minutes (less than an hour) is proposed to students who take the test. It's more than enough when you're confident in your knowledge. Some students fail to complete the task just on time and lose points.

Read the list of efficient recommendations that may help you to achieve great results one day. Don't forget to view different examples of SAT essays that were rewarded with the high scores. P.S. It might sound a bit horrifying, but students must obtain minimum a 6/6/6 on the SAT essay to be counted as successful applicants.

Wondering what is a good score on SAT? The article contains everything students need about percentiles, highest/lowest/average, subscores, range, scale, and tips on how to obtain a desired result.

What Is a Good Score for SAT: Recent Educational Year Statistics!

What is a good score for SAT? Types of questions, time devoted to each test's section, and SAT range change from year to year. Many English/Math applicants wonder if it is possible to define a good final score. No perfect score exists; we can name the highest one a student can obtain on this test, but he is the one to decide which percentile is sufficient to join target college. It is worth asking, "What is a passing SAT score?"

To join college students, mind which outcome is good based on the criteria of the target educational institution. The article covers good SAT scores in a recent academic year, 2016-2017. It is important to view the test in a broader sense to find which sections are worthy of your attention. Average percentiles are the simplest way to respond to the question, "What is the average SAT score?" The average is not sufficient to enter a desired college; students must do their best to achieve the highest results. A percentile reflects the percentage of students who scored lower than you on a test.

Many students perform poorly in their English/Math sections. It means it is not necessary to get the highest SAT or even divide 1500 to qualify for top ten percent. Numerous research studies showed 1340 on a scale is 90th percentile even though it is 260 points below the best result!

What is the Average Score on the SAT?

SAT's range is a scale of 400-1600. These requirements are established by the College Board, which has announced what is an average - 1083 (as found from research on 11th and 12th graders). It is obvious any good score is higher than 1083. Mind that the average Math/Reading & Writing section scale is calculated differently - find answers below.

Based on the results obtained after passing EBRW + Math sections, it is possible to conclude that 90th percentile is perfect; 75th percentile is good; 50th percentile is average; 25th percentile is bad; 10th percentile is a complete failure. High percentile means you did better than other students who took the test.

Students are interested in great outcomes. Colleges want to see a corresponding performance from the potential candidates; read valuable tips on how to improve SAT scores, making them the highest.

What is the Highest SAT Score You Can Get?

We found the highest SAT available in 2017 which is 1600. Students obtain subscores for each section: Evidence-Based Reading & Writing and Math Section. The highest subscore result to obtain is 800. An average math points would be 541; another section which is Reading & Writing has an average score of 543 points.

Latest test results shared in the College Board reports identified more students manage to achieve towards the middle of the SAT scale. All students have equal chances. It's difficult to get 1410 which is the 95th percentile - the top five percent of students involved in the test. 1510 places the test taker in the top one percent.

To take the test successfully, dedicate some time to reading these recommendations shared by the best high school/college students.

What is a Good SAT Score for College from Top List!

Wish to learn what is a good SAT score to enter a college of your dream? We will share some findings:

College Name EBRW 25th-75th percentile Math 25th-75th percentile SAT Total 25th-75th percentile ACT Comp 25th-75th percentile
American University 640-720 580-670 1220-1390 26-30
Barnard College 690-760 640-750 1330-1510 29-32
Bentley University 600-690 620-720 1220-1410 26-30
California State University 440-540 430-530 870-1070 15-20
Carnegie Mellon 700-770 740-800 1440-1570 31-34
Columbia University 730-800 730-800 1460-1600 32-35
Harvard University 740-800 740-800 1470-1600 32-35
Stanford University 730-790 730-800 1460-1590 31-35
University of Illinois 640-720 730-800 1370-1520 26-31
University of Washington 590-700 600-740 1190-1440 26-31
Yale University 740-800 740-800 1480-1600 31-35

Those are results for the most prestigious colleges in 2016-2017 located on the US territory. Different colleges value different sections more than others. If you wish to study in one of these elite colleges, don't try to get average SAT - turn to this table to decide which percentile you require.

The following colleges will help to understand how to get a perfect score as their students used to achieve the best results:

  1. California Institute of Technology
  2. University of Chicago
  3. Harvard University
  4. Princeton University
  5. Yale University
  6. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  7. Vanderbilt University
  8. Franklin W Olin College of Engineering
  9. Washington University
  10. Harvey Mudd College

The applicants of these colleges tend to show the best results on SAT scoring scale - read examples of their writing part (essays) and math answers to succeed!

College Board Advice: How to Improve SAT Scores?

You already know the answer to a question, what is the average sat score. It is time to share recommendations from the College Board Admissions officers who care about potential students' performance on the test. Begin with college admission board officer's opinion on how to cope with your test. Except for developing your personal approach to passing this test and working on the outline, do the following:

  1. Provide a Clear Thesis

If you deal with a math assignment, you won't have to write an essay part. But if you are asked to compose an essay, it represents a major share of total SAT.

It is said in the initial SAT section that: "The response includes a precise central claim." In other words, you need to come up with a clear thesis statement at the beginning of your paper. A clear argument will add up to your final points. It should be precise and explain your entire essay in one sentence; your topic has to be clearly defined.

The main passage idea is included in the SAT test instructions, so it makes the task a bit easier.

  1. Introduction and Conclusion Are Must-Have

If you understand how to write a typical school essay and which sections have to be included you won't have any problems with obtaining a high SAT score. Introduction section should not simply give the overall idea. It should define the entire structure of the text. Besides, college admission board evaluates the entire essay based on the opening paragraph. It's like a quality benchmark.

As it was mentioned, thesis statement has to be added at the end of each introduction; it will increase student's chances to get higher SAT points. You may begin your essay with some questions, but don't leave any of them unanswered! Respond to each in the body; a conclusion must repeat your thesis statement; provide all needed answers.

  1. Word Choice Matters

SAT is completed in English. Your grammar, spelling, and vocabulary impact your final score: mind the writing section details on the SAT essay rubric before starting to write. Make sure that every response is cohesive and reflects effective use of language. It might be difficult for students from international colleges to insert English words; avoid complex terms/phrases. In addition, the informal language should be ignored.

Slang or any jargon is unacceptable - such tricks will result in a bad score. You may improve your essay significantly by using synonyms instead of repeating words. As far as SAT does not involve writing a personal statement, do not use the first person in your paper.

  1. Apply Information from the Passage

Even if there are a variety of topics to cover, do not try to give all your ideas in one piece. Keeping away from the suggested topic may lead to worse SAT score. No need to apply external knowledge or extra skills - the essay instructions are clear and specific.

Your guidelines determine everything: from the size of the document to its formatting style, so do not expand your content.

  1. Focus on Related Facts & Statistics

You may make a draft to list all of the points on the given topic. Of course, if you manage to hurry up not to lose points - remember about 50 minutes left! In the end, you have to select those points from these ranges that relate to your topic best of all. It is recommended to choose facts instead of playing with many quotes; it would be good to cite someone in an introduction.

It's like describing a music band. To get a higher test score, talk about its genre, best songs, and achievements. Avoid going into such details as which labels the band used to work with, how it has its rehearsals, and whether each member has a pet.

5 More Secrets College Board Won't Share with Students

  1. Read the Prompt before Passage

The thing is that SAT's prompt contains the description of the author's claim. Reading it twice will give you an overall idea of what the author is interested in and which argument should be used.

  1. Play with Accurate Facts

One more section of the test points is Analysis. Write down devices that helped you to build an argument; it is important that each of them makes sense to your target reading audience. Which impact does every device have on your reader? How can it assist in earning higher test score?

Speaking about devices that can help to obtain a higher test result, read the article titled "6 SAT Essay Examples to Answer Every Prompt".

  1. Perfect Essays Have 1+ Page

More than one page of your essay guarantees higher examination score. College Board was testing various essays to find key success factors to high points. It was discovered that 600 words or more are required to cover the topic in full.

You may find a proof in The Official SAT Study Guide. An essay must contain:

  • Introduction with strong thesis statement
  • 3-5 body paragraphs (results of your study, analysis, example, etc.)
  • Conclusion (students may recall their course outcomes to come up with powerful conclusion section)
  1. Reading Passage Critically

Evaluate chosen subject critically. Mind every English mistake or wrong format. If you edit the essay on worthy level, you will be rewarded with a high test score. Perhaps, when reading the paper from stranger's side, you will notice some confusing sentences (illogical phrases) to replace. Practice reading argumentative or critical papers to develop objective judgment. It's not a personal statement where your opinion matters - exam points depend on your ability to remain realistic in any situation.

To practice, read:

  • Persuasive essay samples
  • Critical paper examples
  • News articles
  • Blog posts
  • Reviews
  1. Determine Persuasive Techniques

Compare persuasive techniques; evaluate each. These techniques help to obtain higher points. You should know specific names of particular persuasive devices and build up your essay based on them. When testing your job, find whether you apply:

  • Personal jokes
  • Credible facts/statistics
  • Emotions

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