Top Tips for Student House Sharers

Top Tips for Student House Sharers
Table of Contents
  1. Top Tips for Student House Sharers
  2. Create a weekly cleaning rota
  3. Set up a pot of money for cleaning products
  4. Set ground rules for house guests
  5. Hire a cleaner
  6. Conclusion

With everyone coming and going, it doesn’t take long for the house to become messy. We get that cleaning is one of the last things on a student’s list of things to do so we’re here to help you set some ground rules with your housemates. By following our great tips, you can make your house share a place you want to come home to.

Create a weekly cleaning rota

If you don’t want to hire a cleaner, a weekly rota can be a great way of getting everyone to commit to the cleaning. That way, nobody gets away with not pulling their weight! One way of doing this is by allocating a person in charge for the week or if you prefer, you can split up all the cleaning tasks on a weekly rotation. Try keeping a whiteboard in the kitchen so your chores can be ticked off and changed up each week.

Set up a pot of money for cleaning products

As a student, every penny counts. Nobody wants to be the one forking out money for toilet rolls. If everybody can chip in money each week, it makes a huge difference in spreading out the cost. Simply dip into the money pot when heading to the shop. No more hassling your house mates for the money that they owe you!

Set ground rules for house guests

One of the best things about being a student is the social life. While everyone is free to have their friends around, you don’t want to end up cleaning someone else’s mess. The best solution is to discuss some set rules before inviting people over. Perhaps put forward that the organiser is always in charge of cleaning up the aftermath. This way everyone is responsible for their own guests, and their own mess!

Hire a cleaner

It’s easier said than done to keep everybody in check, students in particular! Arguably the best way to avoid the stress of rotas is to simply hire a cleaner. A professional cleaner can help keep your house in tip-top condition without even having to lift a finger. TidyChoice is a great platform that allows you to find a local and affordable home cleaner. When the cost is split between you and your housemates, cleaning services are an affordable luxury. The TidyChoice website lets you filter cleaners by price so you’re sure to find a professional within your budget. When you’ve got parties to go to and exams to study for, it sure helps to have one less thing to worry about.


Some things are worth bickering about, but cleaning isn’t one of them. Whether you hire a cleaner or have an organised rota in place, these tips will help you get the job done. Say goodbye to fall-outs over cleaning and say hello to stress-free communal living!