Website Design Tips and Ideas for Lead Generation

Website Design Tips and Ideas for Lead Generation

The way that your website is designed can help in generating leads. If you are not getting enough leads now, then maybe you should start redesigning your site. This article will go through some web design ideas that you can use. Also, we will give you some lead generation ideas that you can implement.

Importance of Website Design


Why is web design so important?

If you’re running a business, you can think of your website as your store-front. It’s the first thing that people will see about your business. It creates the first impression. Whether that impression is correct or not is another matter. So, if you have a poorly designed site, that would reflect on you and how you run your business.

Now, there’s a more technical reason why you need a good website design. It helps with your search engine optimization (SEO). As you know, SEO is the practice of making a site reach the top rankings for relevant keywords. That way, people who are searching for things related to your business will be directed to your site.

Where does SEO come into play here?

Search engines, mainly Google, are being designed to be smart and act the way that humans would when looking at web pages. They would reward a website that was designed to be easy to use and navigate and penalize those that are confusing and difficult to use.

Finally, your site’s design can set the tone for the way you will interact with customers. If your site is designed to be easy to use and with all the helpful information easily accessed, that gives off the impression that you are customer-friendly.

Website Design Stats

Here are a few numbers to help convince you about how crucial website design is:
  • Around 75% of people say that they look at the website of a business to decide if it’s credible or not.
  • Now, 94% of people say that they distrust a website mainly because of web design. If your website has an amateurish design by modern standards, then people will not trust it.
  • First impressions of a website have also been found to be 94% design-related. This isn’t surprising at all because that’s the first thing that visitors would notice about your site.
  • In connection with forming a forming impression, it only takes 50 milliseconds for site visitors to form an opinion about your site. That’s not even a second! You don’t get a second chance at all. Your site needs to look right at first sight.
  • If your website is used for selling stuff, you should know that around 60% of users claim that a site’s usability is very important for them.

  • These are just a few web design stats that should be food for thought for you.

    Website Design Tips That Can Help for Lead Generation

    When you design or redesign your website, you should be looking at a holistic approach. While you want it to look good, you should also be thinking about how visitors will use the site. You should also be thinking if the design can help in generating leads.

    To help you, here are some web design tips that are connected to lead generation:

    CTA in the Header

    The use of a call to action in websites cannot be overemphasized. These are very effective for generating leads and even sales. But you cannot just place your CTAs all over the site. There are spots on the site where they can be strategically located.

    The header of your site is one of the best places where a CTA can be located. The header CTA can be in the form of a mini-form or even a button. The way that people scan websites, it’s likely that they will look at the header first. So, tell them to do what you want them to do right away can be an effective way of getting leads.
    It’s important that you craft the suitable CTA to get the response that you need. 

    CTA Consistency and Visibility

    The CTAs for your website should be crafted in such a way that they will be consistent wherever they are placed on your site. Make sure that you are using the same kind of message and look for your CTAs because you do not want your audience to be confused by the different call to action and the different designs.

    Stick to one CTA message and look for your buttons.

    On top of making sure that your CTA is consistent throughout your website, you also need to make sure that it will be easily visible. People are not going to click on your CTA if they don’t see it.

    Find the Balance Images and White Space

    While images are needed and can be very useful on a website, they can be overused. Having too many images on a website page can overwhelm the people looking at it. You need to find the balance between having the right amount of images and white space on a web page.

    By having images mixed in white space, you can emphasize them even more. You can also utilize modern features like the hover effect on the images to make them seem more interesting.


    All of the text on your page should stand out against the background. This is where contrast comes in. People can miss out on details if there is not enough contrast between the elements. You don’t want your message to be missed by potential leads just because you used the wrong colors.

    Remember Your Mobile Website

    More people now are viewing websites on mobile devices than on desktop. This means you have to check how your site would look like on the mobile version too. Make sure that the CTAs are in the right places too.

    These are some of the proven website design tips you can use to generate leads for your site. The effectiveness of these ideas has been proven in the past, but it’s not a guaranteed thing that they would work for you. It’s still up to you how you would implement these tactics.

    Autor: Krisana is a content writer for the on demand graphic design service Delesign. She is a journalist turned SEO Content Writer with keen interest in tech, software, and innovations. She is an avid fan of Elon Musk and wants to be part of the future Human Mars Mission. In the meantime, she spends her time researching and writing about everything that could make life a better place on Earth. Outside of work, Krisana dedicates her time with her two lovely kids.