7 Basic Writing Mistakes to Avoid 2021

7 Basic Writing Mistakes to Avoid 2021

Whether writing an email, blog post, or business report, it is crucial to avoid basic writing mistakes. Otherwise, you may waste your time and money and even lose your reputation. The best ways to avoid common writing mistakes is to educate yourself, practice constantly, use a grammar checker tool, or hire an expert eCommerce development company in New York.

Given below are 7 basic writing mistakes to avoid in 2021:


1. Not using the correct tone

When writing content, you should consider your readers as it would allow you to decide the tone of the content. For instance, it is okay to write in an informal tone when writing a blog post. However, it is necessary to write in a formal tone when writing business journals or academic purposes. Also, be sure to stick with a tone throughout the article since switching tones may confuse the readers.

2. Grammar, spelling, punctuation, and pronoun mistakes

Common grammar mistakes that you should look out for include tense errors, overusing adverbs, misused preposition phrases, ambiguous modifiers, and ambiguous pronoun references. Spelling mistakes can be avoided by using spell checker software in most cases. Plus, be careful when using comma, semi-colon, or colon in your sentences.

3. Not proofreading the content

Nowadays a lot of students use tools to transcribe audio to text free. This can be very helpful while writing a text, however it is better not to forget to check the text after it is completed. Proofreading is a must if you want to catch last-minute errors such as formatting issues, sentence inconsistencies, inappropriate punctuation, spelling mistakes, typos, and more. Unfortunately, most people don’t want to spare even a few minutes to proofread their content which would help them avoid mistakes that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Also, although you may utilize software to proofread your content, it is better to proofread your content manually since software may ignore errors as these are not as smart as humans.

4. Wordiness and long paragraphs

Most people have short attention spans. Thus, it is crucial to get to the point when writing content in order to avoid boredom. One way to do that is to write in active voice instead of passive voice. You should also write content in short paragraphs since long paragraphs may seem daunting to read.

5. Tautologies

When you use different words to express the same thing twice, it is known as tautology. For eg., close proximity, large crowds, early morning, etc. Tautologies increase the word count unnecessarily and sometimes increase the complexity of sentences as well. So, be sure to avoid them at all times

6. Using too much jargon

When writing technological content, it is common for people to use too much jargon unless they are careful. Too much jargon can hamper the readability of the content and may even confuse most readers who are not familiar with the technical terms. Thus, it’s better to avoid jargon whenever possible to improve and optimize the flow of the content.

7. Misused words

Some people may confuse the meaning of two words and use them inappropriately or out of context. For eg.. using less instead of fewer, or using much instead of many. This commonly happens when writers confuse countable objects or subjects with uncountable objects or subjects.