79 Persuasive Essay Topics to Assure Your Writing Success

79 Persuasive Essay Topics to Assure Your Writing Success

It often happens that choosing an essay topic becomes a real deadlock to the whole writing process. Having no idea of the persuasive essay topics, you simply do not know what to write about.

It is a way easier to get a writing assignment with the already defined topic, do research, and write a standard paper/ speech with your main arguments covered in it. You do not have to puzzle over a problem.

Choosing a persuasive essay topic is the same as free swimming – it can bring you success or make you a loser. It has been well said that picking the right topic is a half success of your writing assignment. It is true. It brings you success from the initial page;  persuade your audience from the very first sentence, pay attention to the slightest detail.

Rules for Selecting Persuasive Essay Topics.

When picking a persuasive essay topic, you are to take into account the interests of the audience the essays is intended and agree with them. You need to remember that writing is to be interesting to read; it must be of interest at this time and bring some value to the reader.

If it is a college essay, it is necessary to consider what aspects of it will be evaluated. Proceeding from this point; the theme is to be chosen in a way to allow you to demonstrate the abilities that the tutor is expecting. It can be your originality, imagination, the ability to construct sentences logically, literacy, some other qualities, etc.

When you choose a persuasive essay topic working on an argumentative essay from the proposed list, we advise you to pick the one that interests you the most. Working on something that you are excited about will be a way easier. In this case, you will be able to cover the topic and will face no problems with searching inspiration.

As an alternative, you can combine different interesting topics, write down several variants, and decide on the one that sounds the less banal. At this stage, it is important to accurately formulate the persuasive essay topic and understand the essence of the problem and the potential to its solution.

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Get Inspired!

Choosing a persuasive essay topic may take a lot of time without ending up with the great solution. If have no idea on what to write your persuasive essay about, we are ready to offer you a number of ideas. Find your inspiration by reading our post. The longer you wait, the more difficult it is to come up with ideas.

Get ideas on what to write your comparison and contrast essay about. Come up with controversial examples below.

Persuasive Essay Topics about Life Values

  1. Family is the most significant thing in our life
  2. Only talented people become successful in life
  3. Intensive work can compensate for the absence/ lack of talent
  4. Money is a real support and real happiness in our life
  5. Money is a way to a trouble
  6. Money is the easiest way to reach success
  7. Job is the most significant thing in life
  8. Face-to-face communication is better than online types of communication like email and facebook
  9. It is less difficult to make friends than to save friendship
  10. Friendship is the most significant aspect of our personal life
  11. Social networking makes relationships
  12. Arranged marriages are better than marriages for love
  13. Children are to get say in the divorce decision of their parents
  14. Men are more often responsible for relationships breaking up
  15. Good and evil doesn't exist
  16. Home is the best place to find support
  17. Military forces can solve any problem
  18. Driving is to be permitted from the age of 18

Persuasive Essay Topics about Education

  1. Pupils need to take part in solving school problems
  2. Pupils are too young to make any decisions about school issues
  3. Producing a magazine contributes to the development of creativity
  4. Producing a magazine wastes students’ time
  5. Reaching success is impossible without a university degree
  6. Learning foreign languages brings no value
  7. Teachers are to be paid based on how much their students learn
  8. Classmates are a greater impact than parents on a kids’ academic success
  9. Kids are to start learning foreign languages when they start school
  10. High schools should allow a student decide what courses to study
  11. Educational establishments should invest the same amount of funds in sports activities as they do give to education sectors
  12. Students are to be allowed to have mobiles in school
  13. Students should wear uniform at school
  14. Sexual education is to be taught in a high school
  15. School athletes should pass drug tests
  16. College students are to be required to do volunteer work as a part of their graduation
  17. College education must be free of charge
  18. High school should provide parenting classes
  19. It's the parents' responsibility to provide a healthy diet to their child
  20. College network should use filters to block inappropriate content
  21. Government should make recycling obligatory

Persuasive Essay Topics about Art and Fashion

  1. Extreme sports assist in building a character
  2. Extreme sports are very dangerous
  3. Music is the best way to avoid stress
  4. Music distracts from daily routine
  5. Fashion industry exists to make public spend funds on things you do not need
  6. To follow a fashion is a waste of time and money
  7. Technology has made the world a more comfortable place to live
  8. People behave differently depending on what clothes they wear
  9. Games are as significant for adults as they are for kids
  10. Freedom of press is an achievement of democracy
  11. Freedom of press is a journalistic mistake
  12. Legal system is to ban dangerous sports
  13. Social network cause isolation
  14. Our society is too dependent on technology

Persuasive Essay Topics about Social Problems

  1. Preparing to holidays is more fun than celebrating the day
  2. Death penalty is an appropriate punishment for murderers
  3. Capital Punishment is a crime itself
  4. Cultural differences cause problems; it’s better not to migrate to other countries
  5. It is greater to be a member than the leader of a group
  6. It is better to be a leader than the member of a group
  7. Women should have the rights to make decisions themselves about abortion and their body
  8. We should ban genetic
  9. Euthanasia is a way of relieving pain of ill people and save them from the sufferings of their illness
  10. Euthanasia should be not permitted in all the countries
  11. It is not necessary to eat meat in order to have good health
  12. A vegetarian diet is the same healthy as a diet with dairy and meat products  
  13. Animal experiments should be banned because it is morally wrong to cause animals to suffer
  14. The world would be better off without educated girls
  15. Immigration to any state creates effective competition in any business
  16. Even though globalization influences world’s economics in a good way, its negative side shouldn’t be forgotten
  17. Marijuana smoking is great for health
  18. Drugs should be banned around the world
  19. Prostitution must be permitted and regulated by country government
  20. Federal law to web information should be tougher
  21. Abortions should be legal in case of rape and incest
  22. Illegal immigrants are not to be allowed to receive working visas
  23. Fast-food restaurants are to be required to display calorie counts
  24. There should be no dress code in the workplace
  25. The drinking age should be bumped up past 21 years
  26. The US Supreme Court should allow same-sex marriages

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